Apr 9, 2010

Suspended animation saps

Silver Linings:
1.  Playing a spelling game at 6:30 am (with 3.5 yr old O)
2.  Wearing sandals for the first time this year. Comfortable and an utterly happy red.
3.  Coffee without sugar. Something I thought I absolutely couldn't do without turns out to be entirely dispensable. What more am I capable of?

Lessons Learnt:
Suspended animation saps
This has been a week of difficult evenings. Hours of supposed freedom have passed like slow moving sludge and exuded a matching miasma. I'm guessing this is Tagore's 'dreary desert sand of dead habit'. Daily chores are inevitable and the accompanying suspension of thought is probably a move in self-preservation, but they need to be followed by some shaking-up at days end. A conscious re-framing of mood and thoughts so each of us can move out of our usual all-consuming roles and just Be. It's admittedly easier to slouch around inside the bubbles that our respective days create, succumbing to the lack of motivation or energy to emerge from it.
It's equally clear that this kind of suspended animation, saps. Next week, the effort will be to be mindful about shaping each evening.

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