Apr 15, 2010

Dependable comforts

Silver Linings:
1. Sneak peek at a smartly dressed commuter's heels - peeking out through her holey socks!
2. Evidence that freinds are reading this blog. (Thanks for the comments!)
3. "Love....was'nt meant to provide immunity from fate or grief or pain....But what it does is throw us into the midst of life with the best intentions possible; give us courage, passion, hope.." from 'The Flirt' by Kathleen Tessaro.

Lessons Learnt:
Dependable comforts are good on bad days.
Spring allergies have been in the air and by mid-day yesterday my sinuses finally gave up the fight. Calling it quits and returning home at 2 pm was a smart move: a dark room and bed was smarter still and did much for the pounding head and aching eyes. Nicer still was letting hubby pick-up dinner/put O to bed etc. and turning to a rerun of 'Freinds' for some more relief. Dependable comforts are good on a bad day.

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