Apr 7, 2010

First post

I'm lucky to have insightful, thoughtful friends who have from time to time helped me defuse vision darkening despair.
- Dar reminded me that we each have to choose to be happy.
- ASub and Suj have encouraged me to catalogue positive events daily to counter the inevitable soul sucking and depression inducing ones.
- DoAlex has explained to me the critical difference between being responsible 'for' and 'to' others.
- Jay introduced me to the thought that I will attract the feelings I send out.
- Fi has shocked me with the idea that you have to be greedy for happiness to get it.
- Tammy has always demonstrated how you can 'just let it go'.
- V'ee, Sof and RaBa have always just helped me Be.

Doing all of the above publicly and bloggily (what a happy sounding word!) is my way of trying to stay this game. The posts will be banal at best and tediously introspective at worst so this is not a promise of entertainment. The hope is squeeze a few drops of light out of every day and while I’m at it, to glean some personal insight where possible.

If you've ever made fun of blogs where people post their breakfast menu, this is the time to surf away. Else read on and 'comment' away (and no self-editing please).

(And stay tuned for my other blog where I do my real thinking.)


  1. I am sure your cataloging of your thoughts will help us find silver linings in our days too :) All of the above sound good to me too!!

  2. Almost everybody I know have these same thoughts and feelings. What they do not have is the willingness and encourage to face them and control them so they could live a much more healthier life. Thank you for enlightening my own life!

  3. Thanks, Anu and smk. Please post your own thoughts linings on the comments if you so feel inspired. Or nod/shake your head at any of mine. It would be encouraging to hear from others who're trying to be mindful too.