Nov 27, 2013


It's the end of the month and I need to get next months T commuter pass on this rare occasion that I'm at the station early. This Friday's workload turned out to be conducive to watching the clock and setting out with a few extra minutes to spare. usually i default to a 5 minute sprint over the quarter mile from my office building to station and hop onto the train, winded and red, just before the conductor slams the door.

A scruffy old man leaning on a crutch is complaining at one of the 5 ticket windows. He has misplaced his ATM card and wants to know why they won't accommodate him since they see him so often. He is as belligerent as the employee behind the plexiglas is calm. His cane clatters to the floor as he enlists both hands to par down his pockets in search of something. Change perhaps. The middle aged man in executive attire just behind him in line retrieves it for him. The cane, not change.

Nov 1, 2013

TFTT: Tasty Food, Tasteless TV

I'm one of those people who like all figurative worms to stay in the can, wriggling around disgustingly, where no light will ever reach. Recently though a few friends were gabbing (where else? On Facebook) and the lid popped right off. In a tidal wave of catharsis we 'fessed up to our 'Tasty Food, Tasteless TV' shame.