Jun 4, 2015

Team "Kids who help" - Walk for Hunger, 2015

This is Oyon and the comic book he drew.

He walked door to door in our neighborhood, requesting people to pledge money to 'Project Bread' that helps people in need. He promised to walk 10 miles with his team to earn the pledges. He also sold his comic books, generously printed by Sir Speedy in Boston. 

This is the team's 5th year walking. Oyon drew a graph that showed how each year they had walked farther and helped more people. The team started when Oyon was 4 years old. They could only walk about 2.5 miles that year. 
Every year - more miles, more money raised and more families helped.

This year, Oyon and his 12 other friends (and their parents) walked 10 miles, raised over $5000 which translates to over 250 families who were able to afford food from various Project Bread funds/programs.

The team motto: 
"A little bit of something is MORE than a whole lot of nothing"

Here is a movie version of Oyon's comic.....as a 'thank you' to all the generous folks who encouraged and supported the team. 

Remember to turn your speakers on..there is narration and sound FX!

A word from Oyon:
Thank you for donating to my team for the Walk for Hunger.

You helped a lot of people.

We walked about 10 miles and might have gone a little farther due to going back and forth. We got very exhausted. It made us go faster when we got to eat ice cream. The prizes too (from my mom) were kind of awesome.

We ended up raising $5187 (some of it was raised by adults). This means about 250 families will have groceries for a week from this money. Next year breaking this record's going to be hard!

Please visit this blog post to watch the movie of the comic that I made and sold for fundraising:
If you would like a real paper copy of this comic (it's small), please email my mom your mailing address.

Love Oyon
Boston has an annual fund-raising 'Walk for Hunger' organized by Project Bread, a non-profit that addresses hunger in the state of Massachusetts. It's the oldest fund raising walk in the US and over 40,000 people walk the 20 mile loop of the Boston area every year to help out their community through various food related programs.
This blog post is a 'thank you' from Oyon to the many donors who helped him help others. This year the ball was largely in Oyon's court when it came to fund-raising though I allowed him to draft an email to a short list of my friends/family. Don't forget to check out the movie we made from his original comic book (bottom of page). He sold quite a few ($20 a pop) and has a few more in the pipeline now.

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  1. c'ee you are raising one swell kid, all the best forhis future ventures!☺️👍🏻