Sep 11, 2014

Penguin Pez and the car door

On the way to school the Penguin chain-pull on Oyon's book bag got caught in the car door. He recovered it before we drove off but we spent the ride to school making up a giggly tale  about what might have happened if he hadn't. This preamble is mainly in defense of the liberal use of behinds (and all it's 7 yr old synonyms) in the tale. I may have been driving the car but 7 year old scatological sensibilities were steering the story. 

The last few verses are wholly mine (instead of just the verse), tacked on after dropping him off. Predictably, O did not approve. Not enough bottoms were referenced for his taste. 

Anyway, here it is, for better or for verse. :-)

Pez Penguin and the car door 

Penguin Pez, stuck in car door, 
squealed with un-hearable voice 
Head stuck in, rest stuck out, 
not his ideal choice

Butt got tickled (causing giggles),
Grazing spiky bush.
Which wasn't so bad considering,
It might have pricked his tush.

Headed for school, the boy inside
Chatted of this and that.
As passing car met puddle deep, 
Pez butt felt a 'splat!'

At a traffic light, an idling bike,
Violently smoked
Right onto the wet behind
That out of car door poked.

A block from school a naughty kid,
Trashed his sticky gum.
Flicking it in direction of
A passing Penguin bum. 

In school that day, the boy showed off
His toy at recess time.
Penguin Pez, clean of head,
Rest encased in grime. 

'Ha-ha!' went pals at yucky toy,
Boy looked thunderstruck.
A brand new toy, destroyed so quick.
How awful was his luck?

A clever kid who saw it all
Said to them just then.
'Don't you know of Pezguins, guys?
From the Land of Plen!'

'Bottoms gross but faces clean
To trick the Mindy-Mand,
Who grin at friendly Pezguin face 
Until the butts do land.

Squish! Then Pezguins get to eat
Mindy-mandy stew.
The Land of Plen has lots of Bloi
But Mindy-mands, just few.'

The kids, enthralled, had crowded 'round
To hear this crazy plot.
Dirty toy lay by the bag,
All had now forgot.

Creative kid (named Joy) then said 'There won't be more unless
The teasing stops and you help Boy
Clean the Penguin mess'

Four kids were seen, trying to clean,
A tiny, grimy toy.
As Boy shook hands with brand new friend,
A clever kid named Joy.

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