Jun 6, 2014

Threads that make me ME

The moods that flit across my face
Are way too slow to match the pace
    Of my tumbling streams of thought.

I've ideas, plans and then some more,
Dreams and stories in my store,
    Whether or not I ought.

For some may say my childhood asks
That grins and giggles be my tasks
    But I really don't agree.

My questions, tantrums, even whine,
Are threads that deftly intertwine, 
   To make me fully ME.


  1. So cute and nice....just made my Friday morning...C I still got to read the TV watching one.....looks like you'll take all of us down with you... :-D ...but hey...all float and no deep dive will make Jill and Co bore and whine!!...hugs for the OyonBabu

  2. And verse is definitely your strong talent!