Apr 2, 2014

Things I heard today….

Waiting to board my morning train to work:
Cop on a bike: “Beautiful day today”
Train conductor: “They say it might rain”
Cop on bike: “Don't care. Just glad to see the sun.”

A disembarking fellow commuter at the Boston end:
“It’s my bosses daughter’s birthday today. She’s five. My boss is 50. Maybe she’ll leave early.”

Our IT tech as he struggles to install my second monitor:
Tech: “Just take my word for it, I installed the right driver!”
Me: “<Trying hard not to roll my eyes: he’s actually a sweet man even if the problem turns out to be outdated drivers. Every. Single. Time.>

Waiting for the ‘walk’ light to cross the street at lunch:
“We have an opportunity to collaborate now. It’s in Portugese too so maybe we can take it to Brazil?”

Passing a popular sports bar on the way to my salad place:
“So I told him ‘Now that you have the tattoo, might as well use it!’”

Heading to my train station, late afternoon:
Man: “I’ve been addicted since I was 7!”
Woman: “So what do I tell Joe?”

Just outside the train station (that shares its address with a major concert venue), a man steps out of a car right in front of a gaggle of teen girls in short skirts, tank tops and high heels:
Guy, with an amused grin: So what's going on here?
Girls, in a squealing chorus: Miley Cyrus!!!
Guy, as he walks away: Wrecking ball!!

I love commuting to Boston.

Oyon-isms, 7+
Reading an Enid Blyton book out loud to Oyon. A boy disappears suddenly in a snowy landscape…
Maybe he was taken by the Abdominable Snowman! See the chapter title? Magic Snowman.
(It’s a tough word PLUS Oyon recently had some stomach pain. If the shoe fits...)

Later in the book, when the kids enlist the help of Goldilocks and the 3 bears to rescue their brother….
Oyon: Wait a minute! So Goldilocks and the 3 bears didn't know their own story?!!
Me: Yup. For them, it was just their life. But the other characters in this story had read ‘Goldilocks’.
Oyon: That is SO weird. And cool! So, do these other guys know that THEY’RE in a story?
Me: What do YOU think?

Folks, youv'e just GOT to read ‘The Enchanted Wood’ with/to your kids. The sugariness will make you want to tear out your hair but fight that urge…. there are gems scattered everywhere. Like the above little mind warp. TIP: If you need to end the overlong read-out-loud session and silence the begging kid who’s trying to wheedle out a 7th chapter, switch to a plummy English accent. Don’t stop even when he BEGS you to ‘STOP being so weird!’ Goodnights, tuck-ins and lights-off will be just minutes away. Just like that glass of well-earned wine. ;-)

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