Oct 13, 2010

The wrong side of the bed can be right

Silver Linings:
1. Missing my early train and finding the time to watch my son's favorite morning show with him.
2. A BLT sandwich with just 2 strips of bacon is as satisfying as the default 6.
3. A wonderful walk home from Oyon's school with his father yesterday. We took a differentr oute, stopped 100 times, examined every bug and fallen leaf, soaked up the failing rays of autumn sunshine and watched our little guy sing, dance and hop his gleeful way home. Small pleasures rule.

While watching a cartoon about a  fish: "Wook, that's maach. Maach means fish in Bangla (Bangwa). I wish I had a pet maach."
Ans so the pet campaign begins...

Lessons Learnt:
The wrong side of the bed can be right 
That moment after waking up when your thoughts put out feelers for how the day will be, is crucial. You can chart the day before even opening your eyes by deciding how you will feel. A day started with dread can end in dread because you let it start as such.

Felt dismal upon awakening in the pre-dawn gloom at the thought of another frustrating, dissatisfying day ahead. Did some pranayama while huddled under my comforter and talked myself into emerging and smiling. At work, my stalled analysis freed itself. No dread and the faint gleam of success by 10 am. It only got better the rest of the day. You can get out of the wrong side of the bed but make it BE the right one, I guess

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  1. Yay... welcome back. A friend of mine (in town) said that before falling asleep she thinks through her day and thinks about her favorite moments. It helped her get through her father's death at 17 and a divorce 4 years ago. I have started doing that every night and find so many such moments hiding in unexpected places!!